RaeAnne, Jenn, Jenna, Sara, AJ, Kelly, Nicole, Kristin, Alyssa, Jill

Class schedules can be picked up at the front desk or fill free to call us and see what is going on! 235-0224

Class Descriptions                              

Aerobox: Short for Aerobic Kickboxing, this continuous paced, boxing-inspired workout will give you the ultimate calorie burn. This class does not use the bag, gloves or hand wraps.

Bodysculpt: Achieve that lean, firm physique without the bulk. Lear exercises that work your upper body, lower body and midsection, while burning excess fat.

Cardio Mix: Any combination of step, high or low impact floor aerobics, aerobox, athletic movements or any other aerobic exercise format. Sure to keep your heart rateand boredom down!

Cardio Pump: Cardiovascular exercise meets weight training in this cross training workout. Designed to expedite the reduction of body fat while increasing muscle tone, this class has it all.

Circuit: You won't get bored with this station-based class that alternates cardio and strength exercises. You decide how much you want to be challanged.

Core: This 30 min. class will help tone and strengthen your abdominals, lower back and hips.

Express Classes: We took your favorite classes, fitball, body sculpt, step and cardio mix and made them only 30 min. to fit your busy schedule. Check the calander to see which classes have been made "express".

Fatburner: Aerobic movements combined with free weights. This class works all the major muscle groups, including your heart, for maximum fat burning.

Fitball: This class will challenge your balance and coordination by using the stability ball for all exercises. A toning class that emphasizes your core.

Gentle Fitness: A class that offers low impact cardiovascular exercises and less strenuous muscle toning exercises. Great for seniors and anyone with previous injuries or bad joints.

Hi/Lo: A traditional floor aerobics class that can be done either high impact or low. Anyone can attend for a fun and effective workout.

Pilates: A mat based class that will tone and strengthen your muscles. This class focuses on hard to firm areas such as the abdominals, hips, thighs, buttocks and upper arms.

Spinning:This class addresses the proper mechanics of indoor cycling during heart rate elevating exercise. Designed to burn calories and tone muscle, while increasing strength, stamina and endurance. Great way to target your hips, thighs and buttocks through this lowerbody exercise class.

Spin & Sculpt: Take a spinning class and add muscle toning for the upper body. Please don't wear your spinning shoes as the class takes place both on and off the bike.

Step: Combine the platform and risers with aerobic movement for this traditional aerovics favorite. Enjoy easy to follow choreography during this comprehensive cardio workout. Can be done without a step.

Total Body: This class uses athletic cardio movements and free weights. Burn fat while toning muscle in this efficient and effective workout.

Yoga: This mind and body class encompasses flexibility, strength and endurance. Excellent for injury prevention and cross training.

Zumba: This fun  class fuses musical rhythms and tantalizing moves to create a dynamic workout designed to be fun and easy to do.